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Brand Identity: What We Do
Brand Identity: Image

//JOLLY BITES! - Logo design

Client Brief:  An identity design for a healthy snacks brand


Key concept: We know life can be stressful and at times it can be tricky to make good choices. The mission was to create a sense of trust in the product to be nutritious and tasty for all age groups.

//SANDFOX- Logo design, Collaterals & Brand guide

Client Brief:  Identity design, collaterals and brand guide for an online selling furniture brand. Exploration around the mascot 'Sandfox'


Key concept: The identity takes inspiration from the Sandfox; details that give a sense of calm and warmth along with hint of fierceness

//CEO CLUB - Logo design & Collaterals

Client Brief:  An identity design for a niche networking group


Key concept: Identity and collaterals that combine the more traditional, fountain pen signature inspired typography with a bold twist using the red contrast, which symbolises Power and Excitement.

Brand Identity: Pro Gallery
Brand Identity: Pro Gallery

//COMÈTE- Logo & Packaging design

Client Brief:  Identity design, and packaging design for a dark Syrah Wine.

Key concept: The key inspiration for the packaging is the The Great Comet of 1843, formally designated C/1843 D1, one of the brightest to have adorned the skies!

//FULL OF BEANS- Logo, Packaging &Collaterals 

Client Brief:  Create a brand identity and packaging that is in sync with the brand  purpose of producing a coffee valuing tradition and the farmers. 

Key concept: We seek inspiration from the coffee plant itself to create a symbol that is strongly linked to its source. The visual identity (logo, colour palette and the sustainable packaging material) highlights the purpose of the brand.

Brand Identity: Pro Gallery

//SMART SOLUTION- Logo & Collaterals 

Client Brief:  Create a brand identity for an IT and security solutions company

Key concept: The identity is created keeping in mind a minimalist and simple way to effectively communicate the merging of the aesthetics and functionality of the brand. The symbol and font were exclusively designed for this project, reinforcing the originality and studies employed in its visual identity. The keywords that define the style and meaning of the brand are "connections," "safety & security" and "data". 

//THE NOODLE PLACE- Logo, Packaging &           Collaterals

Client Brief:  Redesigning the brand identity and re-shaping the narrative and tone behind TNP, a Delhi, India, based authentic  Chinese food restaurant. The key belief is always using the freshest ingredients and traditional cooking methods, delivering rich textures and flavours to the client’s palate.

Key concept: Emphasising on the modern and vibrant personality with a contemporary approach. The brand’s personality maintains contrasts between shapes, typography and neon colors that represent a very modern gastronomic proposal, while looking accesible for all audiences.

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